‘people wearing track pants on the street, have lost control of their lives.’ i generally would agree with Karl Lagerfeld on that point, yoga pants are made for exercise and i probably would choose my outfit with aesthetics over comfort.
on the other hand it is getting more and more normal to do your weekly shopping in active wear. or even in the local café my tea and scramble eggs were served by a girl in yoga pants the other day. i am not sure until what point i would agree to wear gym gear on the street.. so far i wear yoga pants just while riding my bike to the gym. every now and then I would choose them to ride to work and after quickly change into a nice dress before anyone could spot my outfit.

for that matter labels like levis brought out their commuter collection. specialty jeans designed to be comfortable, looking well dressed while riding. or betabrand who made a whole collection of pants for every occasion with a high emphasis on comfortability with still being stylish. such as the ‘work from home pants’ or ‘bike to work jeans’ that i find look like a great compromise. here i am wearing my own designed active wear. (more of it here)

my secrets to stay in shape?
first of all finding a good life balance is the most important base. healthy eating works for me just until a certain point, as I never could forbid myself any chocolates. or ice cream. or cakes. to balance that out I pretty much like every kind of excersice. in saying that, it’s not always easy to find time to go for a swim or a yoga or gym class. i worked out for me, that the time i usually spend on public transport i would rather use to ride everywhere. that not just wakes me up in the morning and saves money as well as there is nothing more relaxing than riding along some parks in the morning to work while staying fit.

pants& top- own design

editing& styling- maria decker

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