back in time. back in italy.

it pretty much feels like travelling back in time. back to high school. back to 6 weeks summer holidays. 6 weeks of fun things. meeting friends. shopping. dancing through nights in berlin. family holidays in italy. full of happiness. joy. carefreeness. sun and beaching.



bikini- auqua
sunnies- miumiu

editing& styling- maria decker
photography- luise decker

about sandals and winter.

if i am wearing three layers on my upper body, can i go out in sandals in winter then?

i would say yes, especially if they are sparkling. if you do not like it, scroll further down and see my plan B option for colder days.




shirt- cos
pullover & coat- own design
bag- vintage
shoes- gorman/ new balance

editing& styling- maria decker

Europe here I come!

two weeks ago i booked flights to berlin to enjoy 6 weeks of european summer. when i look outside from my cozy desk in front of the window right next to the heater i can’t wait to leave cold rainy melbourne.

as my sewing list designs for our italy holiday is waiting,  all dark, warm and wooly materials got packed back into the bottom box and swapped for light and colourful fabrics. I even found some leftover from this african one, which i going to turn into something.. and now i better start!

oh and by the way my travel dates are 

08.07. - 18.07. Berlin  / 19.07.-02.08. Italy /03.08.-17.08. Berlin 

- email me if you would like to catch up or plan some projects together!



coat, skirt, pullover-own design
shirt- zara
socks- falke
bag- fossil
shoes- gorman

editing& styling- maria decker